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#DeiseBloggers Event 2015

Hey everyone!

So today I want to talk about the event in its entirety. From start to finish. Brace yourself, for a long post.

So this event has been months of planning, I believe we started planning in August? Maybe even earlier. So that is when our dream team came to be. Lisa, Emma, Rachael and I came together to work on this event. A lot of time and emails went into this. Calls were made and favors were given. Slowly but surely things began happening and the event got nearer and nearer.

As I spoke about this to my family. my brother Kenny, is a qualified photographer and offered to help us out. Amazing! This just made it even more professional because I knew we would have amazing photos. ( I will leave links to everyone's social media at the end of this blog post )

So myself and the girls had been in regular talks over the months but never actually met. The Thursday before the event myself and Lisa decided to meet up in the city and get a few bits for the event. Like no joke, we were both nervous but I think we get on great! Inside jokes and all haha! So we went around and picked up Christmas themed goodies for the event and just chatted away and got to know each other. After all that we popped into Costa Coffee and Rachael joined us too! I had met Rachael briefly at an Urban Decay event but everyone was so shy at that haha. It was brilliant to meet the two girls that I had been working with for so long! I couldn't meet Emma as she lives in Dublin so that had to wait until the event!

The next week just flew by, emails were being sent to everyone and posts wrote on our little blogger page. I think we were all waiting in anticipation for it!

Then finally, Saturday, November 28th was here! All the hard work, emails and prep that went into this is finally paying off. I couldn't wait. I was buzzing to do my hair, tan and makeup for the event. I just planned on taking so many selfies haha - wouldn't be like me at all.

So I woke at 8 and literally got right into it. Had to make sure everyone was ready and I didn't forget anything, At about 11:30 myself, Kenny and Nadia left for the event. To say I was a ball of nerves on the way up would be an understatement. I knew I had to get up on stage and talk to all the girls, but I said I would worry about that when the time came to it.

So we got there at about 12:30 or something and headed into the lovely Kazbar. I can't thank the Kazbar enough for having us, it was amazing from the room to the food. The Kazbar really out did themselves and we're all so grateful for them. We were the first people there and sort of clueless. Luckily Rachael arrived a few minutes later and she knew exactly what to do! She even arrived with a box full of amazing little cupcakes which were kindly made by Kilmeaden Cakes! Soooo cute, they even had stickers on them saying: #DeiseBloggers like it was so thoughtful to even ask us did we want a little sticker on top.

Then Lisa arrived with a pile of stuff! and baby Dylan came along for a little bit, sure I was chatting away to him forgetting work needed to be done! You can't blame me though he's a little dote. So I guess like everyone just brought all they had and we kinda sorted ourselves out. Got a feel of the room and had an idea of how we wanted it to be set up like. So we continued adding bits to the goodie bags and also sticking up some decorations.

Then Emma arrived with even more stuff! It was crazy like, the amount of stuff, you wouldn't see it at any Dublin event. So again just more working and decorating. Then chairs and tables had to be moved, we had to create a photo area, we placed a few cupcakes on each table and Rachael got the glitter out and all! It all started to come together and look the part.

I think after all that, it was decided to get some drinks! So that's what the girls did while I ran out to the car cause silly me forgot my purse. Anyway, when I got back a few girls had arrived and we just began to mingle. The event was to be held between 2 and 5. Most girls were here by 2:20 I want to say and that's when myself, Lisa, Rachael and Emma had to go on stage to talk. Nerve wracking to say the least. Lisa went first, THANKYOU. And then I went second which isn't too bad. We gave a brief chat about ourselves so people would know us and yeah like just a general chat to set the vibe and create a fab atmosphere.

If you want to see any pictures taken on the day just search the hashtag #DeiseBloggers on any social media account and you'll be able to see photos as well as see the girls!

After our intro, the fab Abigail Roche from Glamour Puss Makeup (links will be below) did a Jaclyn Hill inspired look on Emma! Gail did an amazing job and if she was under pressure in anyway, because I know I wouldn't be able to do makeup in front of 20 odd girls so I'm sure she was a bit nervous, she did an amazing job. I want everything in Gail's makeup kit! She gave us great little tips and tricks which I'm so thankful for! Always great to learn new makeup methods. It was lovely meeting you Gail and I hope to see you again in the near future! Amazingly talented woman! She is such an inspiration - defo go check her out :)

Next up was Shirley was lilyandolive and she works in Mulligans Pharmacy and gave us a brilliant talk about how to make connections in the blogging world and it's all through just meeting people and going to events. I don't want to give away too many secrets! But I really enjoyed this talk because I learned a lot about connections and networks and I'm truly grateful for Shirley giving us this information! (links will be below as always)

Following the makeup demo and chat was a short break. To give us all a chance to really talk and take some photos! And we did just that. We got a heap of photos, which I will try to link below also because there are so many I couldn't fit them all here but yeah we all just chatted and then some food came out from the lovely Kazbar - lads their chips are amazing. So yeah this little interval was great, probably my favorite part because I actually got to chat to the girls and take photos which I love so yeah it was so nice to meet all of the girls!

I think most people would think, aw you put a bunch of 20 odd girls into a room like there will be drama and the sorts. However, I can honestly say, there are no nicer bunch of girls than the girls at the DeiseBloggers event. I can hand on heart say we all got along really well and created a great network of people. Some may think the blogging/beauty industry is super competitive and bitchy but that is not the case with DeiseBloggers anyway. I even tweeted saying that I felt like it was a day spent with all my gal pals and that's really what it was like.

So yeah after all that, Emma went on stage and gave an amazing talk about a brand she is the ambassador for which is Ziaja skincare and I will do a full blog post on this brand once I have it all tested out! Well done Emma for getting up there and chatting to us about Ziaja, I really love the brand already but as I said I'll do a whole post about it.

After Emma's talk we held a raffle which Rachael hosted for us! Thank you Rachael :) So there was a raffle strip in each girls goodie bag so everyone had a strip and great chances of winning. I think we had 9 prizes so most girls got an extra bag! Which was a nice touch to the whole event and I think we had some very happy girls!

After that the evening calmed down a bit and some had to leave a little bit early due to work or other commitments but the evening was pretty much over after the raffle! Also quick mention, Laura Dempsey said to let everyone know that the new Gwen Stefani (omg I can't spell but you know who I'm talking about) palette will be launching Thursday! I've seen it and it looks amazing. Perfect palette for Christmas so defo pop into Urban Decay in Debenhams to see it and buy it haha! So yeah I think after all that, the evening was over!

We had our little outro and we just want to thank everyone for coming and being amazing, the Kazbar for their hospitality, all of our sponsors and of course our photographer Kenny! I also want to thank Lisa, Rachael and Emma for being such an amazing group of girls to work with, hopefully this will be our first of many events that we have together!

As I said if you want to see more just search #DeiseBloggers

Well done if you have read this far! I have a little giveaway over on my Facebook page so go check that out!

Now I'm going to leave a list of links to the girls blogs and everything!

Kenny - https://www.flickr.com/people/15575891@N04/
Glamour Puss Makeup - https://www.facebook.com/Glamour-Puss-makeup-1401280626854825/?fref=ts
Shirley - https://lilyandolive.wordpress.com/
Lisa - http://cuddlesandcontouring.blogspot.ie/
Rachael - http://www.rachsbeautique.com/
Emma - http://masteringyourmakeup.blogspot.ie/

Photos - https://www.facebook.com/jodi.roche/media_set?set=a.10205547616786136&type=3&pnref=story

That link to the photos should work but if not its over on my Facebook page anyway! Just search for Jodi Roche Makeup

I think that's all I want to say and I hope I didn't forget anything! I have a few blog posts already about the goodie bags so I won't get into it here but yeah :)

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did :) Until the next one! #DeiseBloggers

Thanks for reading!Xx

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