Sunday, 11 February 2018

Pro Makeup School based in Dublin

· Introduces ITEC as part of comprehensive 2018 Schedule ·

The Pro Artistry Makeup School (PAMS) based within the MAKE UP FOR EVER PRO Boutique on Clarendon Street is the best kept secret in the makeup business. Long renowned for creative looks, technical polish and producing well rounded, highly skilled graduates who go on to achieve international success. They are also the destination for makeup schools wishing to introduce their students to application methods at the forefront of technological artistry. Due to customer demand PAMS are delighted to announce that they are now offering ITEC approved Introduction to Makeup Artistry in addition to their extensive selection of courses.

In the era of Instagram makeup, clown contouring and cartoon brows, this school takes the skill of makeup very seriously. PAMS pride themselves on three key areas that separate them from competitors
  • Exceptional Tutors; Working makeup artists with a depth of knowledge, long term experience and expertise. All tutors have trained with the renowned Make Up For Ever Academy in Paris and enjoy successful careers in different facets of the industry.
  • Professional Makeup Brands; The only school in Ireland allied with professional brand Make Up For Ever. Offering students the opportunity to work with multiple brands, they choose only the best products from each.
  • Historical Experience; Thirty years in business makes them the longest running makeup educators in Ireland, the team behind PAMS have gained a body of knowledge and insights that cannot be replicated.

Training in makeup artistry can lead to many career options; from sales assistant to freelance artist, or film and theatre roles. Education and training received at the intimate school on Clarendon Street is a calling card for brands seeking team members, creative additions or counter staff.

Pro Artistry Makeup School offers packages for every level and aspiration. A new addition to the portfolio this year is the ITEC Level 2 (Introduction to Makeup ArtistryThe 2018 schedule includes Eyes Only, Bridal, Teen, Age Beautiful, Pro Artistry, High Definition, Advance Creative and Beginners, Special Effects and Guest Tutors.

Students experience small classes, vocational teachers, and those awarded distinction are given the opportunity for hands-on experience with the Pro Team on fashion shows, editorial shoots etc. PAMS students work with professional fashion photographers and models. Payment plans are available. No hidden costs.

For further details please visit -

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Copenhagen 2018

Hey everyone!

I'm finally getting around to typing up this blog post at long last. I've decided to not include photos in this post as you've seen many images across all my social media accounts. I want to make this post as informative and brief as possible because reading these blog posts do take up a lot of your time.

We got our flights fairly cheap, €35 return from Dublin to Copenhagen which we got with those Ryanair sales that you see online. I'd recommend subscribing to Ryanair's emails so that you get notified when these sales are on, I've signed up myself and so nowadays I am constantly looking at the best flight deals.

There is a train from Copenhagen airport to Central Station which is the city and it takes about 15 minutes and costs €5 one-way which is like 35 Danish Kron.

We stayed in Urban House which is a hostel but I would say a more high-end hostel. The room was spotless, spacious and had an ensuite. I've stayed in hostels before where it was a shared bathroom so it was nice to have our own. The hostel is located about 5 minutes away from the inner city centre but like that's a 5-minute walk so it's nothing really. It cost €200 for 3 nights for two people sharing so €100 each was not bad at all. You don't get a room key which is actually handy because I always fear that I'll lose mine so you just get a code to unlock your door, no need for check in or check out. I personally didn't eat there but Hannah said the food was grand although they do not cater to gluten-free diets. There are loads of chill out and games rooms in the hostel itself but we did so much exploring throughout the day that we just went to bed every evening, clearly not social people at all haha. There are lockers available for you to use if you need for the day you're flying home because you have to leave the room by 11 a.m. so if you had a later flight then huge lockers are there for 5 Danish Kron per hour. The staff were also really lovely whenever we passed them.

As many of you know, I went to Copenhagen with my best friend Hannah and she is the adventurer so anytime I go away with her, I let her plan the whole trip. She had a few sites in mind but we pretty much went everywhere and anywhere. I really wanted to see The Little Mermaid statue so Hannah just got up Google maps for us, followed the directions but along the way found other parks, statues, buildings, all that jazz. To be honest, I don't have a full list of things you need to see or do while in Copenhagen because everyone likes different things so I would say that you should Google the types of things you're interested in and make a rough plan of what you want to do or see but then make an adventure out of it as you go. That's what we did anyway and we had a ball. We didn't do anything that cost us money because Copenhagen is such an expensive city we were being super careful with our spending. We also travelled everywhere by foot, so bring your most comfy runners!

Our second day, we actually spent the majority of it in Sweden! There is a train from Central Station to Malmo, Sweden. It costs about €22 return and takes 30 minutes. If you do this, be sure to bring your passport as there is passport control on the train since you are entering a new country. Sweden is trying to get rid of money so don't bother getting actual currency, most places won't accept it so just use your card. We went to see the Turning Torso in Sweden but the same idea, we got up Google maps and made an adventure of it on our way to the Turning Torso. We saw some fabulous parks and the cutest windmill along the way. We spent about 4 hours in Malmo and again, all by foot.

Our last day was spent visiting Christiania which is a 'free town'. The locals literally just decided that they don't follow the law anymore and the most bizarre thing about this is that the police overlook the illegal activity that happens. I don't know a whole lot of information about what actually goes on in Christiania but it was really interesting to see and experience. Word of warning: do not bring your camera to Christiania. Well like you can bring your camera but don't take photos of the locals, someone once got attacked for having a camera on display so just be aware of that. If you ever get to go to Copenhagen, you really should visit Christiania just for the experience alone, it is a whole other world.

I honestly think that's about it. As I said, we just went for an adventure, didn't have any real plan in place which I actually enjoyed because I'm usually a control freak and need to have everything planned down to a tee. I can't recommend food places as I'm coeliac and Hannah is basically a vegan so we lived on snacks and McDonald's! You couldn't meet two more fussy eaters in your life but I'm sure there are amazing restaurants around but minimum you'd be spending on a decent meal would be €15 or 150 Danish Kron.

It is a very expensive country but the only thing that cost us money were train tickets and food. I changed €200 into their currency and came home with €25 over the course of 3 days and like I was buying stupid things half the time anyway so I could've been more careful but in my opinion, that's still not bad.

Anyway lads, I think that's everything. If you want to see more photos of our travels then there are plenty over on my Instagram: @jodirochemakeup

I would highly recommend Copenhagen and Malmo if you're the type that's into site seeing and adventures. We didn't wear a scrap of makeup or go out so I can't tell you what the nightlife is like but the people are absolutely lovely so I'm sure they're great craic!

Hope this gave you some bit of an in-sight to the holiday and if you have anymore questions feel free to DM me or comment below!

Until the next adventure!

Jodi Xx

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Makeup Artists in Dungarvan - January 2018

It's been a while since I've blogged but I thought this would be the best place to post this list rather than it getting lost on a Facebook page or only being on a Snapchat story for 24 hours.

I hope all the girls listed below are okay with me posting this, it's honestly just to help each other out and give everyone options, there are plenty of MUAs around for Dungarvan alone so personally, I would like to have options to recommend to my clients if I'm unable to take them due to holidays or just being booked up!

This is in no particular order or anything, this is genuinely just a list of MUA's in Dungarvan and the surrounding areas.

  • Emma Kiely

  • Faith Tutty

I'm fairly sure I've gotten most of us listed there! There are Facebook/Instagram pages for you there to contact the girls on. Hope this helps someone!

Talk soon,

Jodi x

Thursday, 2 March 2017

NYX Double Stacked Fiber Mascara

Load on Your Lashes!

New, NYX Double Stacked Fiber Mascara.

In just 3 simple steps you can stack on the drama to your lashes, as much as you like!

  1. Coat your lashes with the normal mascara
  2. Add the fibers
  3. Seal in place with another layer of mascara!

This retails for €21, cheaper than any fiber/3D mascaras that I have ever seen on the market.

Available in pharmacies nation wide.

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Barcelona 2017

Hey everyone!

Long time no blog but today I'm back to document my time in Barcelona. Hannah and I had booked this maybe two months in advance so I had been looking forward to it for ages!

This post might help you if you're planning a trip to Barcelona or any other country for that matter. This may give you ideas of things to do and places to see.

So first of all we booked our flight via which is what I always use when looking for cheap flights. We flew from Dublin to El-Prat for €65 return and we though that was a bargain. Luckily, we had our friend that was able to drive us all around so we didn't need transfers from the airport or anything but if you need a bus from the airport to the city center I would recommend because it's €10 for a return ticket & goes every ten mins.

Again we were super lucky to have the lads because they put us up for our first night which was actually in France but our hostel in Barcelona was booked via and the hostel was: Hostal Europa and it cost €53 for two nights for two people so €25 each for two nights! We had our own bedroom with a wardrobe and sink and then we had to share a bathroom with about 5 other people I would say, we only ever saw 3 others, it was a very nice and relaxing hostel, not too much noise. The place was perfect, had everything we needed and was very clean. We were really happy with the hostel! It was a great location too as it was just beside La Rambla which is the most popular street for tourists in Barcelona.

So that's all of the flights and accommodation bits out of the way! On to the fun stuff...

If you have been following me on Snapchat or Instagram then you'll know that we didn't get to go skiing but I'm going to talk about it anyways because we still had a ball. So we were to go skiing in the French Pyrenees mountains but the weather was too dangerous for us to drive up in our own car so we didn't want to risk it. Better safe than sorry!

However, we still wanted to experience the snow and whatnot so we pulled in and walked up this hill in the show, had a snow ball fight and built a snowman. We also pulled in to visit a small town which was built inside a castle's walls and that was just amazing, so cool to see it.

After our play in the snow, we decided to head back to Barcelona, A lot of driving as you can imagine! Our bums had gone numb. Once we arrived we had a little walk on the docks, done a bit of shopping in the amazing shopping center and then went to the aquarium which was lovely and it cost €20 admission. It was class to see nemo and dory! haha.

We headed back to the hostel to get changed and showered and went on the prowl to find somewhere that had gluten-free food. Not many places in Barcelona have gluten-free options so if you are on a gluten free diet or you're a ceoliac just say Sin Gluten because that means gluten-free in Spanish haha!

Eventually we found me a place, can't remember the name of it but I wish I could because the staff were so lovely and were so accommodating which was lovely. We then went to The Flag I think? Which is an Irish pub, of course.

And that was our first night in Barcelona done! The next day was brilliant.

We got up really early and went to the market where they sell the most amazing juices and fruits and just food in general. It is a must-see if you go to Barcelona. So that's where we got our breakfasts each morning and I miss it terribly. After that, we got the Metro which is like the Luas, to Sangrada Familia which is a big massive church that they have been building for like centuries. I'm not a person that is really into this stuff to be honest but it was still amazing to see. A basic ticket costs €18 and if you're a student it costs €16 to go inside and see the place. Can't really say if it's worth it or not because as I said I'm not really into it yet it was still nice to see.

Then we went back to the city and if you've ever been to Barcelona or plan on going then you'll know it's hard to miss the cable cars. These are cable cars that give you the view of the entire city/harbor and also take you to the top of a mountain which is where this big fancy castle is located. The cable cars cost €11 one way and €16 return and it is 8 mins one way. We bought a one way ticket and then hiked to the castle on the mountain and let's just say Jodi has a few meltdowns because I hate heights/walking and I just couldn't cope.

Saying all of that now, once we got to the castle which is €3 entry, it was so worth it. I think the castle on the mountain was probably my favorite part. Many of you don't know this but I do actually love history and museums and I even wanted to be an archaeologist when I was in school. The castle was beautiful, the views were amazing and they had little museums in the castle rooms which were just unreal like I can't even put it into words.

After a long day of adventures and sight seeing, we headed back to the hostel to freshen up. There was a tattoo parlor beside us so we got a mad notion to get tattoos but for a tattoo the size of 10 cent, in any tattoo shop, would cost about €50 flat rate min. So we didn't get tattoos haha! Again, struggled to find me a place to eat but we found one in the end and it was great. The lads had sangria with dinner and sure that's when the drinking started.

So after dinner, the lads were staying in a party hostel which is the total opposite to ours and just opposite to us as we don't go out much or even drink much. It was Michael Jackson night in the hostel which was hilarious. The hostel was the Kabul Party Hostel in Barcelona and cost about the same as ours but that included free breakfast and dinner so the boys were sorted! But no it was a great place, it had pool tables and games and all that stuff. Beer cost €1 a pint and same for a shot of vodka or rum so needless to say I got drunk off €5, best laugh ever. That was also a great night!

The next day wasn't even a day because we were flying home early enough that morning so I guess that is where our adventure ends! I just wanted to document all of this as it's nice to keep the memories and as I said, it might give you a feel of Barcelona.

I can honestly say that I would happily return again and again. It's a city that I would love for my family to see and for other friends to see, it's honestly just so great and I do plan on visiting again, so if you're wondering where you should go on a holiday, make sure you check out Barcelona.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did writing it. It was so nice to look back on it even though it was only a week ago! Take me back haha!

Thanks for reading!Xx

Monday, 9 January 2017

Blank Canvas Cosmetics & Lifestyle Sports Haul 2017

Hey everyone!

Without getting too much into it just yet, I am back! I'm here to stay this time. I just wanted to start of by saying thank you so much for all the support in 2016, it wasn't an easy year for me so let's just put that behind us and get straight into 2017.

Today I wanted to share what I picked up in some January sales, I honestly didn't get much, I've been too busy with work to shop, never thought I'd say that. So I heard Blank Canvas Cosmetics were having 30% off sale and I had another code for a further 10% off so how could I possibly turn down 40% off?

By the way, if you order from Blank Canvas the code: EXTRA10 still works and gets you 10% off.

Click this link to go shopping! >

So first of all I picked up the Eye Perfection Collection brush set which includes 9 brushes.
Link >

This set normally costs €50 which isn't bad at all for 9 brushes but I got it for €30, some bargain!

Then I picked up 3 individual brushes, mainly for contouring and highlighting but I didn't have anything like them in my kit so that is why I picked them up.

F15 >

F14 >

F28 >

So as I said, I didn't own any brushes like these already so I had to have them!

Now the 30% off sale is over since Jan 8th but as mentioned, the code: EXTRA10 will still get you 10% off your order! Better than nothing off if you ask me.

Then, because I have an addiction to runners, I heard Lifestyle Sports were having a great sale too, shout out the Dylan! I went online and saw these and of course just had to have them.

Although I'm obsessed with runners, I am very picky and these aren't something that I usually go for but I was drawn to them and sure look they were on sale for €32, had to get them.

These are actually gone online but yeah I got them in UK size 3.5 and I love them! Here is a link to Lifestyle Sports >

The sale is still on so you may find something you like! As I said they were €32 which is nothing for a pair of decent runners!

So guys that is all for now. I just thought it would be easier to start things back up again with a little haul as I know you all enjoy these. I will definitely be posting a lot more so until next time!

Thanks for reading!Xx

Monday, 3 October 2016


Hey everyone!

So today I'm not feeling the best and what do we do when we feel down? Well, personally, I shop.

Like many of you, I'm signed up to see offers and sales from various websites and today I got an email from LASULA saying there was 50% off the sale by using the code: WTF50

So of course I had to go have a look and found a few bits. All in all, even if I don't wear these, I got them for half nothing. Just thought I would share what I picked out today. I literally just ordered these so let's hope they'll fit me!

So firstly I got this co-ord set! I love this so much and it only cost £13 for the top and bottoms!

Secondly I got this nude choker dress for £10, I think I'm going to wear this to the dogs! We have a student night out at the dogs every year and I think this might do, we'll see!

And finally, I love wearing these lace bralets because who seriously likes wearing a proper bra? If you can get away with these then pick them up! One for £4 and a set for £6. You can't go wrong!

And I got all of this for just €40 including post! Not a bad deal at all if you ask me.

Hope you enjoyed this little online haul and have a look at the site yourself. You might be able to find something for extremely cheap. 

If it's on sale use the code WTF50 and if it's not on sale use the code BALLIN24 to get 24% off :)

Happy shopping.

Thanks for reading!Xx