Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Sleek MakeUp Palette & Illuminator - First Impressions

Hey everyone!

Today I want to share my initial thoughts on some +Sleek MakeUP products which we were kindly gifted at the #deisebloggers event a few weeks ago. These are available for half price in The Waterford Health Park Pharmacy and also Joe Kelly's Chemist Abbeyside.

You may have seen these products before and be interested to know what they're like. So here are my first impressions! I will be doing a snapchat tutorial using them tomorrow so stay tuned. My username is: liljodibubz

So first up is the Sleek illuminator in Cuba!

So to be honest, I wasn't to keen on this when I first saw it, simply because it's pink. Now a pink highlighter is amazinggg however I tend to mix these in with foundations and I personally rather myself and clients to have a more yellow base. Most of my clients wear fake tan so you do need a yellow base to help that match and it's just a personal preference of mine. I honestly just thought that I wouldn't ever use this.

But I was wrong. I pumped a bit onto my hand and blended it out and just wow. You can see for yourself.

So as you can see it almost has a golden touch to it. It's not as pink as I thought it would be, judging by the bottle! I always see ncmakeup use this in her tutorials on snapchat and wondered how she wasn't ever pink! And now I know why. I'm so excited to use this! This is in and around the €11 mark.

Next up I have a multi-purpose palette from Sleek. This has 4 eye-shadows and two cheek colours. It's an eye & cheek palette called Dancing Til Dusk.

I know that this is currently half price in The Waterford Health Park Pharmacy and in Joe Kelly's Abbeyside! I think it'll cost you about €6.

Now if you've been following me you would know that I picked up the other Sleek eye & cheek palette and I wasn't too fond of it so I wasn't expecting much from this.

As you can see, these are absolutely stunning, wearable colours. Everyone and anyone can/will wear colours like this. Now being honest, the other palette looked fantastic as well so I wasn't letting the look of it affect me because it's really all about the formula. So I had to jump in and do a few swatches.

There's the top three swatched on my arm. Look at the brown shade!

And there's the bottom three swatched along side them.

These have swatched beautifully and much better than the other palette. Must have been a bad batch or something! That's how they got into Dealz lol.

But no honestly I'm so impressed with this palette now. They feel so soft and smooth. I know arm swatches are different to on the eye but that's just to give you an idea. I'll do a tutorial on them tomorrow. I cannot wait to give both products a go!

My overall first impression of both products is positive. I was pleasantly surprised as I didn't have high hopes for them.

Can't wait to use these tomorrow in a tutorial so stay tuned! 

Hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you've tried these.

Thanks for reading!Xx

Thursday, 18 August 2016

My Daith Piercing

Hey everyone!

Today I wanted to briefly talk about this piercing that I got about 3 weeks ago. It's called the Daith, you may have heard of this before.

The reason you would have heard of this would be because there's a myth that the Daith piercing can 'cure' migraines. Well I've been getting a tone of questions about it and how it's working for me so I'm going to try to tell you everything about my experience with it.

First of all, I got mine done in Something Funky, Dungarvan and it cost me €15. You won't believe me when I tell you how terrified I am of needles and piercings because I'm covered in tattoos but they're so much more different, to me anyway.

Like many people, I suffer from daily headaches and the occasional migraine. My migraines stem from smells, so basically, I have a really sensitive nose. My mother couldn't even light a tea light candle without me complaining about the smell off it even though there is none! As you can imagine I couldn't use spray deodorant or perfume without getting a headache at least. I would avoid LUSH like the plague and as mentioned, no candles in the house or anything like that.

It's the bane of my life because everything has a smell to it. Especially when I'm doing makeup and a client has a lovely perfume on but I'm secretly dying inside with the pain haha!

I think I heard of this piercing 'curing' migraines well over a year ago. I done my research and watched YouTube videos on it. I found out that it is a 50/50 chance that it may work on a person. Everyone is different, what works for me may not work for you. But I was so tired of it, I just said I'd go for it.

To be honest, I haven't looked back since. It's actually working for me. As I said, it's been about 3 weeks now and I haven't had one headache let alone migraine. I know it's easy for me to say: take the chance! simply because it's working for me but it might actually work for you too. If it doesn't work at least you have a pretty piercing.

I just want to educate you and make sure that you're fully aware that it may NOT cure your migraines like it did for me. Thankfully it worked for me because now we have candles burning and lashing of perfume on us going around the house! It's actually life changing haha.

A big question was: did it hurt? I mean, it's not like I didn't feel it but it wasn't painful either. Trust me, if a whimp like me can sit down and get it done no bother then anyone can. Plus it's over in like less than a minute. I couldn't have recommended Something Funky more to be honest, they made sure I was okay at all times, talked me through it all and wouldn't let me leave until they knew I was 100% okay. After all, you've just wounded your ear, your body can and will go into a bit of a shock, there are sugar levels that either go high or low and mix in adrenaline with that, you're bound to get a bit light headed.

I would recommend eating a small snack before hand and also pick up a bottle of Coke or 7UP for after wards! Just to make sure you're okay and then also eat after too. It is a big enough piercing to get done so just mind yourself. The lads in Something Funky will go through it all with you and tell you about aftercare and all that, I'm not a pro so I'll leave that to them.

I think that's it! Your Daith part on your ear will swell a bit but it'll go after a couple of days. It doesn't hurt to sleep on and it's not sore to get done and it won't be sore after you get it done either.

So lads that's just my experience with it all. I would recommend you get it done and it might make a difference for your migraines or headaches. Just do your research on it beforehand, like you should with everything! And if you think you're too old for it, you're silly because you can't even see the piercing at all and then after about 6-8 weeks you can go back into the lads for a smaller bar if you wish so don't worry about that!

Thanks for reading!Xx

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Glove Your Body

Hey everyone!

Today I want to share with you the Glove Your Body range. Glove Your Body is tan application and removal brand I guess you can say. They have this amazing trio available to buy and I've been lucky enough to get to test them out. You can also buy these separately but the trio is an absolute bargain.

This trio contains:

  • Glove Your Body Tan application mitt
  • Scrub Your Body Exfoliation mitt
  • Dual Facial cleansing & exfoliation mitt
You can get all three for €25. Avail online at: or I have seen them separately in Sam McCauleys Dungarvan.

So firstly I want to talk about the Scrub Your Body Exfoliation mitt because it was the first thing I tried. Well, if you need tan gone, it will be gone. I've been using another exfoliation mitt and thought that I would compare the two. I find the Scrub Your Body mitt to be much better to be honest. I had left over tan on which I wanted to remove and this removed it all in the one shower. I would typically need 2-3 showers of scrubbing to be completely 'blank'. Another thing that I really like about this mitt is that there's a space for your thumb, that might be strange to some people but it allows for a better grip and better scrubbing. I rather the mitten shaped mitt over the usual just like circle shape. Overall I love this mitt & I would definitely recommend it to a friend!

Next up I also got to try out the Dual Facial cleansing and exfoliation mitt. This little circular mitt is perfect to get the tan off the neck area. It is also fab for a good scrub on the face. Personally, I don't apply tan to my face but I do like to use facial scrubs and cleansers so when I what to be extra clean and to give it a nice scrub, this is what I use! It is a bit rough but it leaves the skin feeling squeaky clean and soft. This again gets another thumbs up from me. If you're into giving the face and neck a good scrub then this is perfect for you.

And finally, last but not least is the actual Tan application mitt! This is so cool. I showed it recently over on my snapchat: liljodibubz and I think you were all impressed by it. This is a tanning mitt that is the same shape as a mitten/glove. It is so super thick and just cosey looking, you wouldn't think it's a tanning mitt at all. The shape on this is fantastic again just like the exfoliation mitt, the thumb space gives a much better grip and easier to use. Just wait though, this gets even better.

There's little finger holders in the mitt! Yeah like inside the mitt, there are spaces for your fingers. That just means even more of a grip and easier application of your tan. I've honestly never applied tan so nicely in my life. Aside from all the amazing features, this mitt is flawless. No streaks, no nothing like. It is genuinely a fantastic mitt for your tan anyways! I'm thrilled with this mitt and can't see myself using another type of mitt again. It's also perfect whether you're left or right handed! Would highly recommend this to anyone.

So guys I think you can all tell that I absolutely adore this trio. Personally lads I would get the trio because if you picked them all up separately it would cost you €35 so save yourself a tenner and get the trio! Perfect for those of you that would self tan regularly or an even better present for that bronze goddess in your life!

Thanks for reading!Xx

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Roger & Gallet - Review

Hey everyone!

I've decided to take a quick break from studying to bring you this blog post. Today I'll be review some fabulous Roger & Gallet items I got! This blog is about all things beauty and I have been enjoying these products so much I feel like this is a brand that doesn't get enough recognition at all, when it really should. So I'm here to bring this to you today.

Firstly, I want to talk about the Summer showers and oh my god. I'll be honest and say we're a household of 'on offer' items like we don't spurge on the likes of shower gels or anything like that but after this I don't know how we'll go back.

These shower gels are suitable for all skin types and are full of natural ingredients. They are also infused with perfumes which all do different jobs so like one may be a relaxing one and the other may be invigorating. You'd buy the shower gel/cream based on how you want to feel! I say cream because it literally feels like a cream on your body. My poor father thought he was after using the wrong product! That's just how luxurious these Summer showers are!

They also cleanse and sooth the skin which I can totally agree with. My skin is looking and feeling amazing after them and I do feel better when I use them! I am currently using the orange scented one so I come out feeling super fresh and citrusy. We all absolutely love these shower gels.

Roger & Gallet were so brilliant to also sponsor us at our #deiseblogger event so I actually have another one inside but I'll have to buy more haha! These cost €9.90 and are available in Marks & Spencer Beauty Halls but I'm 99% sure I saw these in Sam McCauleys Dungarvan. I know it's a bit expensive for a shower gel (cheap one over here!) but like I honestly do think they're worth it.

The one we have is lasting us ages and theres 3 in the house using it so you can even see in the photo. It would be a lovely gift too! So that's the shower gels! Loving the shower gel/creams! Dunno what to call them haha but unreal to say the least.

Next up, I think is my favorite. I can't pick one because I actually love what I was gifted, I can't cope. If you follow me on snapchat then you would have seen this product a good bit. It is the Perfumed Dry Oil. So the clue is in the name really, it is a dry oil with a scent to it. MY GOD. I honestly use this every single day of my life.

As some of you may know I suffer with migraines and I was sent this before my daith piercing so I was using it when I was extremely prone to migraines. For those that don't know, the daith piercing is meant to help with migraines, it's 50/50 so it might work for me and not for you but thankfully it's working for me and I may blog about that but anyways...

I was using this before my piercing and the perfume in this isn't weak but it isn't the strongest smell ever. People would still smell it on you but not like BANG in your face. It's lightly scented which is perfect if you want a subtle scent or suffer from headaches. I got the orangey scent again, thank god I love the smell of oranges.

My one that I have here is made with Mediterranian citrus fruits like if I could let you smell it through the screen I would. It's pretty much a light orange scent which I enjoy, a lot. As you can imagine, it's amazing for the skin. Oils are brilliant for dry skin. I don't have dry skin but I still lash this on because it keeps my skin super soft and smelling lovely.

You can also use this bad boy in your hair as an oil treatment or just lightly spray it each day! That's what I do anyways. I cover my body in this stuff and then a few sprays into my hair, it's perfect.

I have a 100ml bottle of this which costs €25 but there are 30ml bottles available for €15 so again it would also be a lovely gift!

Finally, last but certainly not least is the body lotion! I mean look we all know what a body lotion is and does and all of that great stuff. I just want to tell you what is actually in this body lotion because it's just devine & again the smell is A1.
  • Aloe Vera
  • Vitamins
  • Amino Acids
  • Passionflower
  • Cereals
  • Apricot oils
  • Meadow foam
  • Avocado oil
  • Shea butter
This is 100% plat based so all the oils in this lotion come from plants! There are 0 parabens, 0 silicone and 0 colouring agents in this body lotion. The results from this lotion have been amazing. I was sent a lot of information about this and 98% of women absolutely love this product.

To be honest with you I'm not a body lotion type of person but I did use this the once and it was amazing like the smell and all. I must get myself into more a bodycare routine now that I have sorted my skin out! This costs €15 and I can see it lasting me a life time.

So guys that was my review on Roger & Gallet. I really hope you enjoyed this and maybe now you'll recognise this brand next time you're in Sam McCauleys. There are always testers available so definitely try them out and see how you get on! 

Thanks for reading!Xx 

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Getting my nails done at Marcelle's Beauty Rooms!

Hey everyone!

Today I went to get my nails done with Tracy in Marcelle's Beauty Rooms. I had shellac on already so they needed to be removed which costs just €2 and then I got a new set put on! But this isn't shellac it's a 3 week polish with Purity.

So to start off with Tracy had to remove my shellac that was previously on. So what she done was soaked a cotton pad in acetone and then used these funny looking clips to help let the acetone soak in. Acetone removes the shellac so it just peels off very easily.

After Tracy was done applying all of these it was actually time to start removing the first one we put on! As you can see in the photo below, the shellac on the nail is extremely weakened and this just peels off with Tracy's spatula.

Now once all of that is removed, Tracy just slightly files the nails to prepare them for the paint. I got a Purity 3 week paint which is different from shellac but costs the same!

So now you can see below how fab my nails look! There was a varity of colours to pick from but I decided to go for grey with a bit of sparkle. This looks just like a gelish nail but it's not! This costs just €15 to get put on. I am over the moon with my nails.

As always I'll be back again! Tracy is the new nail tech in Marcelle's so that's where you can find her. I'm thrilled with my nails so I can't wait to go back again. Many thanks again Tracy!

Hope you enjoyed this blog post. Just so you know this took just one hour to do and cost €17 altogether. Bargain.

Thanks for reading!Xx

Friday, 5 August 2016

Micro-needling: My first session!

Hi everyone!

So today I went for my first session of micro-needling with Marcelle. I honestly had no idea what it entailed so I was clueless going in. I just knew it was a load of tiny needles in a pen but I didn't know anything else!

First of all I want to say that I paid for this myself and all that jazz! The first session costs €75. You can get your first session done to see how you feel about it, if you like it, everyone is different so this will be my experience. After the first session, you will need about 3 more to start to see real results. The whole thing including the first session costs €260. You only need to get one session per month so you can pay in full or monthly. I will be paying monthly.

Now that all of the technical stuff is out of the way let's jump into the treatment! So here is my skin before. Very bad at the moment, if you follow me on snapchat you'll know it was getting me down so I was excited to start micro-needling.

So I went in anyways with Marcelle and she applied a numbing cream to my face. I was delighted to hear this so I knew it wouldn't hurt, I wouldn't feel a thing! This takes about 15 minutes to work into the skin and take effect.

After that Marcelle showed me my new clean needle and the device and all that jazz! Marcelle is very informative and tells you everything step by step.

This reminded my of the device used on my brows but just that bit bigger. The needles are tiny! There's loads of them but they go around at a fast speed to it's like vibrations.

Now here's the bit where we actually got started. Marcelle starts the treatment on the cheek area as that has the most chubbiness I guess haha! For me anyway it does. Just to start off so you get a feel of the treatment. 

Honestly lads it's like a small vibration on your face. It's not one bit painful, I actually found it relaxing! This is not bad at all and anyone would be able to sit through it. It's all numbed so you can't feel a thing.

This took about 20 minutes on my face. Everyone is different but it's roughly between 20-35 minutes. As I said I found it relaxing so I really enjoyed this treatment. Everything is feeling fine at this point!

And now here is when we were done!

As you can see from my snapchat, I wouldn't recommend planning anything after this treatment haha! So basically your face feels sun burnt. It just feels really hot like a sun burn but Marcelle applies a balm to cool down the skin and it's been about two hours and my skin feels fine now! Everyone reacts differently though, Marcelle said some people can be a light shade of pink even a day or two later but as I said just don't be running around town!

I got the liquid and needling where I needed it and suited for my skin type which is oily but Marcelle will give you exactly what your skin needs so don't worry about that.

You shouldn't wear makeup for at least 24 hours and if you can go 48 then even better. 

So guys I think that's it! Basically, it didn't hurt at all but I am red! As mentioned I will be getting three more so I will keep you all updated on my journey and all that. Right now, my skin feels good, it looks crazy but feels nice and firm. I'm enjoying this treatment!

This treatment is for a number of things. I got this to reduce scars from blemishes and also to unclog my pores but it can be used for a variety of things!

I hope you found this helpful. If you have any questions you can pop myself or Marcelle a message. Marcelle's details are above so screengrab those if you want! Safe to say I won't be heading anywhere tonight haha.

Thanks for reading!Xx

Monday, 1 August 2016

Stylpro - Review

Hey everyone!

Today I want to share my thoughts on the Stylpro. So basically, the stylpro is a machine that washes and dries your brushes in like 15 seconds! Sounds great doesn't it? Well I don't know, great in theory but how was it when it was put to the test?

I sort of have a love/hate relationship with this device. I got mine on Meaghers Pharmacy for €58.50 and free shipping. So Meaghers is an unreal pharmacy because it was here within two days and packaged amazingly, I would 100% shop online with them again but they just stock the Stylpro. If you're in Waterford I believe Mulligans pharmacy stock it now too!

As you can imagine, I was over the moon when it arrived and couldn't wait to play. My first impression was that this is amazing, the best thing ever. I absolutely loved it. However, my brushes were not that dirty so I didn't get the full effect of it all at first. But I've had this a few weeks now and can give a full review.

The Stylpro came with everything included even the batteries which I was impressed with anyways because I didn't have batteries to fit it at home! Everything is included bar the cleansing soap. I didn't buy the cleansing soap because I already had a perfectly good brush cleaner solution so if you don't need it don't buy it cause that would have been another €15!

Anyways, you can see from the photos what's included and how to assemble it and all of that jazz. It's a really easy tool to use but now here are the problems I have with it.

1. It didn't clean my brushes as well as I had hoped. Maybe that was because of my brush cleaner but I saw someone say that you could use the Penneys brush cleaner in it which I did, I even used the Flormar one and my Ziaja. All of these clean amazingly when I do it manually but just didn't work as well for me with this machine.

2. It's a pain to change the brushes out of the holders. So these holders are made of rubber and some brush handles have rubber at the end of them too. You can only imagine the pulling a tearing I would be doing trying to get my semi-clean but dry brush out of these holders. It's just a pain for a small girl with weak wrists. And also, you have to obvs constantly change the brushes out of these holders - it's a nightmare for me.

3. You have to change the water after like two brushes. I find that maybe that's wasting more water and more brush cleaner than I would if I were to do it manually. It's just a waste and annoying to constantly go back to the sink and change it and add more solution and all that.

So yeah as you can see I don't really like this device. The only thing I like about it is that is does dry your brushes in 10 seconds. Even at that, I still have to deal with the annoying holders.

I honestly can't recommend this, I would only recommend it if you had a few brushes for yourself. I actually think an MUA or just someone with a lot of brushes would be better off doing it the old fashioned way and letting them drip dry over night cause it's a pain.

I haven't used this much at all due to the annoyance of it all. I really don't think it's worth the €60 but that's just my opinion. I know loads of bloggers and MUA's love this but I don't share that love. I like the product but I just don't love it and I didn't really need it in my life.

I'm not a person who is set in my ways, I bought this thinking it would make life easier and quicker. I would do anything to speed up the washing and drying of brushes, believe me. This product just didn't do it for me. As I said, great in theory but when put to the test, it's a let down for me.

I've used it maybe 5 times? It's just the fact that my wrists genuinely can't take the fight between getting the brush out of that rubber holder and putting in a new one. I actually might sell it because it's just sitting there. My father saw me washing brushes in the sink again and he was like I can't believe you but I mean it just doesn't work for me.

I would say this is a lovely gift to get for someone to clean their personal brushes with but I wouldn't recommend you spending your hard earned money on it. It's just not worth it, in my opinion.

Again, I'm not bashing the brand or product but this is my blog and this is my opinion and I'm just letting you know! It's not a life changing product but it's good. I would use this to dry brushes that are still wet the next morning.

If any of you have this device please let me know and tell me how you're getting on with it all and yeah, I would love to know your opinion. If you have any suggestions for me on how to make it work easier then I would really appreciate that!

So yeah, that's where I stand on this tool. I hope you enjoyed this review and feel a bit more informed.

Thanks for reading!Xx

Update 01/08/2016

Hey everyone!

I've seem to have done a few updates during my blogging time but I feel they are needed so that I can let you know what's been going on with me & so that we're all up to speed.

First of all I want to apologize for not being as active on my blog or snapchat as usual. I have a few reasons for that. Number one reason is that I am so busy! As many of you know, I am a makeup artist so I just had a heap of clients in over the weekend, I'm not complaining but it can be tiring and then in turn, hard to blog.

Secondly, I have 4 exams to sit at the end of this month so I will have to study A LOT!

Thirdly, Lisa, Rachael and I have been planning a bloggers only event! Which is next week so I've been up and down to Waterford recently which again is tiring and a lot of work.

In between all of that I have been sick & still trying to keep up some bit of a social life. It's no excuse but that's what I've been up to and that's why the blog has been suffering. I plan to post once a week from now on just because I do have to study and work a lot. So I'm not gone fully haha!

Also, if you have me on snapchat then you will know that my skin has taken a turn for worst. It has broken out so badly that I don't really even want to show it. It's just gross and I don't feel comfortable with it to be honest. It's kind of bringing me down but I'll be okay!

I'm looking into getting microneedling done, it was recommended to me so my plan for the day is to get a few bits done but also go research micro-needling and the whole process. I will of course keep you up to date with it all!

Hope you didn't mind this post too much, I just felt like I should explain myself to my readers!

Thanks for reading!Xx