Tuesday 6 September 2016

The Instagram Tag

Hey everyone!

So I was tagged by the lovely Emma from Face on Fleek to do the Instagram tag! I will leave her post here - https://emmagibbfof.wordpress.com/2016/09/05/instagram-tag/

This just involves a few questions about my Instagram profile! So if you follow me over there then you know I post pretty much everyone on my Insta. Selfies, before & afters, client photos and even products that are up on here for review! My Instagram is a mix and match of everything beauty related so let's jump right into the tag.

1. What's your Instagram username?

Same as my Facebook, it's jodirochemakeup I just thought it would be easier to keep them all the same so you can find me easily haha!

2. How many times do you post a day?

I think only once or twice a day but sometimes I could post like five a day. It depends really!

3. What is your most liked post?

Oh probably this before & after. It got so many likes and comments, I didn't know if it was a compliment or insult hahaha!

4. How many posts do you have on Instagram?

Not that many actually haha 897 at the mo!

5. Out of all the filters on Instagram what is your favorite?

Well seeing as this is about my makeup Instagram profile, I don't use filters on this profile. Whatever photos I take I just take and upload them but if a client sends me a selfie and it seems like different quality than my usual posts well that's obviously because they have sent it to me and I can't do much about that haha but my Instagram is filter free.

6. Favorite image you have captured?

Well considering it's mostly selfies I can't pick one hahaha too vain.

7. Do you use a camera or phone to take photos?

I use my phone which is an iPhone 6.

8. Do you edit pictures?

I use the app layout to like create mirror images and swap them around but that's the only type of editing I do to my photos. As I said before this is a filter free profile hahah.

9. Who is your favorite Instagram user?

That's too hard for me to answer but I follow pretty much every single Inglot MUA so any of those!

10. What's the very first picture you uploaded?

After all that scrolling it's a client selfie of Bernie! Too cute!

Thanks so much to Emma for tagging me to do this! Really enjoyed this tag & I hope you all did to. Be sure to go check out Emma's post which I have linked above!

I'd like to tag:

Lisa- Cuddles and Contouring
Rachael - Rachsbeautique
Denise - Holy Chic

Thanks for reading!Xx

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